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Offering fun, inclusive skating classes for kids, focusing on basic skill development with professional coaching across all skating types.

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Boosts hockey and ringette players with focused training on balance, agility, and endurance through game-centric drills, complementing team sports.

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Offers figure skating training across Skating Skills, Ice Dance, Free Skate, and Interpretive, emphasizing edge quality, control, and musicality through a structured levels system.

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Teen Plus Skate caters to all skill levels, combining a 15-minute group session on power, agility, and balance with 45 minutes of open ice for personal practice, supported by on-demand coaching.

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Synchronized Skating (Synchro) features teams of eight or more executing unified formations like circles and lines to music, showcasing edge quality and flow. VFSC offers Youth Synchro for StarSkate skaters.

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Buy-on Ice

Buy-on skating sessions: $20 for VFSC members, $25 for non-members. Contact Coach Carla to book. Payment in cash or cheque to coach at session.

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