Registrations for CanSkate are on-going and pro-rated, based on the date of registration.

CanSkate is a dynamic learn-to-skate program for boys and girls with a focus on fun, participation and basic skill development. Professional coaches, assisted by trained program assistants, help skaters improve their basic skills, whether their focus is figure skating, hockey, ringette, speed skating or just skating for fun.

Skaters will learn a complete series of balance, control and agility skills taught in a group format. Each skater will progress at their own rate during active sessions with upbeat music, a wide variety of activities and a motivational environment that promotes learning.

Skaters must be able to stand,fall and move on their own.

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What do you need to participate?

All you need are skates, a CSA-approved hockey helmet, long pants, mittens and a warm sweater or jacket. Dress in layers – it will get warm!

All skaters participating in Vernon Figure Skating Club programs are required to purchase a Skate Canada annual (September to August) membership/insurance fee ($36) as well as a club administration fee ($5 – $15 depending on your program).

CANSkate – Summer 2024 Schedule

Date & TimeLocationPrice
WednesdayAugust 14-28
Kal Tire Place NORTH$70.00

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CanSkate Program Information
Vernon Figure Skating Club

Welcome skaters and parents!

Our coaches are Carla Bryan and Schelley McRae in addition, we have volunteer Program Assistants who help on the ice. They are Vernon Figure Skating Club members picked for their dedication and leadership skills. They lead classes in the ‘Fun Zone’ as well as assist with our youngest skaters. We couldn’t run the program with out them and we hope you appreciate the time and energy they bring to our program!

Expect to see a lot of activity on the ice! The CanSkate format uses level-appropriate circuits to
make sure skaters are constantly moving. Also, the rotation of groups, changes of activity, and
fun exercises are choreographed to a 45 minute session. Skaters will learn what to expect next
as they get familiar with the music cues. All the while, our trained instructors keep a variety of
warm-up and cool down activities running, so the skater is constantly engaged. It is really a
great program!
Skaters can earn 6 levels of badges. Report cards are also given to each skater so you can get
a detailed breakdown of the skaters progress. Here is what you can expect your child to learn..

Skills will be taught in 3 “FUNdamental” areas:

• BALANCE – Forward skating & Speed
• CONTROL – Backwards skating & Stopping
• AGILITY – Turning & Jumping

Skaters are placed in groups according to skating ability and age. The first few sessions/weeks
of skating is when grouping occurs and can look quite hectic. There can be some switching of
groups and adjustments to ensure all skaters are in appropriate group and skill levels. Lessons
have been developed using a circuit training model, meaning skaters will move between 3
different stations and will access different coaches during their ice time.Two stations are led by
each coach, the 3rd station is the ‘Fun Station’ and is led by our trained PA’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my liability waiver, can my child still go out on the ice?

Unfortunately, no. The waiver must be signed and handed in prior to stepping onto the ice. A coach or a
volunteer board member will be available on the first day to collect forms and help answer any questions you have.

Can I leave the Arena to go do other errands?

It is recommended that parent’s of skaters under the age of 9 stay in the building. If you have to
leave, please ask another parent to act on your behalf. Often young skaters need to use the
washroom, need an extra cuddle from a parent if they have an unfortunate hard fall or need
equipment adjusted. We do not have the staff on hand to assist skaters with these needs.

Will my child get a badge?

Not necessarily. Our coaches believe that the skater must have a solid mastering of the skill
listed at each badge level before the badge is awarded. The nice thing about the program is that 3 ribbons (Balance, Control, Agility) can also be earned at each badge level. So if a skater has to repeat a badge level they will likely still be awarded with a ribbon as they may have mastered one of the 3 Fundamentals of that level. It does not do anyone any favours to move into a new level just for participation. Just like swimming, you may have to repeat a level. Every skater at every level will be challenged or introduced to a variety of skill development progressions.

How can I give encouragement to my skater?

Children love it when their parents are “cheerleaders” or share a comment of something new
they saw them try. We love it when parents clap, cheer or give a discreet thumb up when they
like what they see. Positive encouragement is a great way to let your child know how proud you
are of them.

How do I get my child’s attention when on the ice?

Please do not bang on the glass, shout or call your skater off the ice during their lesson. This is
distracting to the coaches and to all the other skaters. If you need to get their attention kindly
stand by the gate and we will do our best to attend to urgent matters only. If a child needs to
leave the ice they must ask permission first.

What if my child is too scared and wants me to be with them on the ice?

Unfortunately the CanSkate program is not a Parent and Tots class. You can explain to your child that “Grown-ups” are not allowed. This is “special time” for kids only. Due to safety and liability every person that steps on the ice must be registered as a Skate Canada member. We cannot allow parents in street shoes/boots or skates on the ice during CanSkate. We do have Program Assistants available to help children if they need a little more one on one attention during the first few lessons.

How/When can I approach a coach if I have a question?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your skater or our program, you are welcome to speak with a coach immediately after a session or contact:

Coach Carla Bryan, Director of Skating

by phone 250-260-6632

or email: [email protected]

You may also speak with one of our Board members; their contact info is posted at the top of the stairs.

The Club CanSkate board, to the left of entering the arena, is a great tool for understanding what lessons will be taught for each of the badges and levels. You will also see a detailed breakdown of the skates progress.

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